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Ayatakedai and Ayatakadai

Prices include longer sword and two-tiered feathers:

Ayatakedai only...$425.00

Standard takadai and ayatakadai add-on ordered together...$700.00

Extended takadai and ayatakadai add-on ordered together...$850.00

Ayatakedai add-on ordered later to add to either takadai...$300.00

Three-tiered feathers add-on...$100.00 (When ordered later the bar must be returning for fitting.)

The ayatakedai (eye-ah-taw-kay-dye)(top photo) makes warp twined bands much like tabletwoven bands. They have a separate double weft that is perpendicular to the warp. Our ayatakedai is made so that the weaver sits in a chair. (It can also be made for kneeling, please contact us.) This ayatakedai holds 10 feathers (hane, Japanese for the pieces of wood protruding from the front) so that bands can be made using up to 60 tama with the two-tiered feathers included and 80 tama with the three-tiered feathers which can be ordered separately.

The BraidersHand version of the ayatakedai, bottom photo, (The original takadai/ayatakedai was developed by Aiko Sakai, Makiko Tada's mother. She coined the word ayatakAdai (eye-ah-taw-caw-dye) to describe this piece of equipment.) has two screws that hold the ayatakedai in place, making it very easy to convert the takadai into a ayatakadai.

One hundred gram tama are traditionally used with the ayatakedai, however you might want to start with the tama that you already have on hand. Our ayatakedai comes with its own hera (sword) which is longer than that used for the takadai.

As in all of our products the ayatakedai uses a fastner system that was originally developed for conference booths because they were reassembled so often. Our ayatakedai can also be assembled and disassembled thousands of times without worry that there will be any failure of the bolt and dowel pin assembly.

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