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European Loop Braiding: Part II: Instructions for Letter Braids


European Loop Braiding: Investigations and Results; by Noémi Speiser, Joy Boutrup and others; Part II Instructions for Letter Braids in 17th Century Manuscripts

Who needs the Internet, send Letter Braids instead! Noémi Speiser pioneered the work in this area and Joy Boutrup offers her solutions to the questions that remained concerning these braids.

Contents are as follows:
Instruction for Letter Braids in 17th Century Manuscripts: Preface by Noémi Speiser, Introduction, Letter braids, Types of Instructions, Verbal Instructions, Instruction in charts, Charts in the Nun's Book, Conclusion; A purse with a letter braid; Braids on a purse in the Bavarian National Museum; Bibliography. Appendix: Texts for letter braids, Braiding procedures for the verbal instructions, Braiding procedures for 14 loops, Braiding procedures for the charts in the Nun's Book.

Published in England