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Metallic Threads for Kumihimo
Our Gold, Silver and Multi-Color metallics are made by wrapping a non-tarnishing metal around a silk core. The Sparkle metallic has gold metallic artfully sprinkled over the silk threads. There are approximately 31 threads in each rope.

A greatly magnified view of the metallic wrapped around the silk core.

#M24 Silver

#M25 Gold

#M45 Silvery

#M46 Bronze

#M47 Blue

#M49 Jade
The Jade is darker than this photo, more like the Blue.

Gold Sparkle, colors #M1 through #M8. $14.00/pkg

As there are no dye lots, we can not guarantee color from one sixteen rope bundle to another; keep that in mind when you order. Always test for color fastness.

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