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Order Form - Premium Silk Kumihimo Threads from Japan

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Premium Silk Shade Card - 80 colors - $16.00

Prices are subject to change.


Premium Silk Thread Order Form - $11.75
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  Color Name Quantity Item Total $   Color Name Quantity Item Total $
PS1 black     PS41 rose blush    
PS2 gray     PS42 ulta marine    
PS3 bleached white     PS43 grape    
PS4 garnet 1     PS44 eggplant    
PS5 garnet 2     PS45 raison    
PS6 berry     PS46 magenta    
PS7 salmon     PS47 dusty magenta    
PS8 light salmon     PS48 lilac    
PS9 rose pink     PS49 dusty lilac    
PS10 red     PS50 lilac blush    
PS11 rose red 1     PS51 white lilac    
PS12 rose red 2     PS52 navy blue    
PS13 pink     PS53 dark blue    
PS14 pink blush     PS54 midnight blue    
PS15 teal green     PS55 cobalt    
PS16 deep green     PS56 ocean    
PS17 pine     PS57 blue    
PS18 leaf     PS58 winter blue    
PS19 olive     PS59 ice blue    
PS20 grass     PS60 dark brown    
PS21 celadon     PS61 brown    
PS22 green blush     PS62 warm brown    
PS23 dark amber     PS63 chestnut    
PS24 gold     PS64 golden brown    
PS25 brass 1     PS65 cocoa    
PS26 brass 2     PS66 oatmeal    
PS27 wheat     PS67 blue slate    
PS28 ivory     PS68 green slate    
PS29 yellow blush     PS69 slate    
PS30 natural     PS70 charcoal    
PS31 white     PS71 dark sage    
PS32 redwood     PS72 jade    
PS33 cayenne     PS73 moss    
PS34 rust     PS74 soapstone    
PS35 tangerine     PS75 dried herbs    
PS36 terracotta     PS76 silvered gold    
PS37 apricot     PS77 dove    
PS38 cantaloupe     PS78 warm silver    
PS39 taupe     PS79 silver    
PS40 dusty rose     PS80 white silver