The Thirty-Seven Interlacements of Hira Kara Gumi


The Thirty-Seven Interlacements of Hira Kara Gumi, second edition by Rosalie Neilson describes how the binary code can be used to predict unique two-color designs out of a possible 254. Rosalie presents research into unique design possibilities of kumihimo. She has added the number of elements and the binary code to each braid, so you can do one set-up, (like 5 elements color A and 3 elements color B), and can sample all of them at the same time.

The book, based on a model of a Japanese folded page book, has 52 folded pages, and measures 4-1/4" wide by 6-3/4" tall. The artwork on the cover is representative of the stitched-and-silk binding of Japanese books. Published in USA