The Twenty-Four Interlacements of Edo Yatsu Gumi


by Rosalie Neilson

The Twenty-Four Interlacements of Edo Yatsu Gumi is a companion book to the The Thirty-Seven Interlacements of Hira Kara Gumi. The book illustrates the 24 different 2-color placements of braiding elements on a Marudai (this braid can be made on the Hamanaka disk) to achieve the 24 definitive designs in Edo Yatsu Gumi. Only a few of these unique designs are ever shown in kumihimo books, and they’re usually the spiral design using 4 elements A and 4 elements B. (When using the book, braiders should also think about using two different weights of elements to achieve even more unique designs.) The book is 48 pages, limited to a printing of 500 copies, numbered and signed by the author. The pages are folded like Japanese books with a printed cover replicating a “stitched” binding.

Published in USA