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Japanese Kumihimo Threads, Bamboo Yarn and Ribbon

This photo is of a bundle of silk. It consists of four ropes of approximately 672 threads that are pre-cut at 105 (2.7 m) long for braiding; they in turn are further divided into 4 sections. The total number of sections in a bundle is 16. The silk is packaged in Japan in this manner so that braiders can easily make obijime (oh-bee-gee-meh) which are the traditional belts, that tie around the obi.

The fourth rope, at the bottom of the photo, has been further broken down into four sections which is how BraidersHand thread is packaged; one rope divided into four sections.

One package of silk has approximately 42 fine threads in each of the four sections for a total of 168 threads. The thread size is 150/3 which is about the same size as 00 silk thread available on small spools in the USA.

Imposter has approximately 39 threads in each section for a total of 156 threads. The metallics have approximately 31 threads in each section for a total of 124 threads.

A finished braid is usually one-half the length of the threads before braiding. A package of threads if folded in half makes 8 sections, which will be approximately 52" long, the resulting braid will be approximately 26" long.

Go to our Tips page for information on handling the kumihimo threads and for directions for making a drawstring for your counter weight bag or use it for a small treasure bag.

Kumihimo Threads

Fine Silk comes in 44 colors - $10.50 per package.

Please use this Shade Card to select your colors as there is not longer a shade card being made.

However if you have Premium Silk or Imposter shade cards you have samples that match many of the Fine Silk Colors. Click here to see the chart. We are happy to describe colors over the phone, our toll free number is 866-821-4613.

Note that on our Order Form the Fine Silk is indicated with an "S".

Premium Silk in 80 colors - $11.75 per package.

Premium Shade Card - $16.00. Note that on our Premium Silk Order Form each number is preceded by a "PS".

Imposter is our synthetic thread that replaces the discontinued Biron. It it comes in 67 colors - $5.50 per package.

Imposter Shade Card - $16.00.

On the Imposter Order Form each number is preceded by an "I".


Our metallics are non-tarnishing metal that is wrapped around a core. The Silver and Gold are solid color, Silvery and Bronze are multi-color, Blue and Jade are a rather futuristic metallics, a color you might think will be on a robot someday. The Sparkle Metallic is silk thread with metallic sprinkled on the top. Click Metallic Shades too see what is available, there are no shade cards.

  • #24 Silver, #25 Gold - $7.00 per package
  • #45 Silvery, #46 Bronze - $9.00 per package
  • Smooth Metallics, #47 Blue, #49 Jade - $11.00 per package
  • Sparkle, #1 - #8 - $14.00 per package

    Not sure which color to choose? Try our Mixed Metallics Package, one section (39 threads in each section) each of Silver, Gold, Silvery, Bronze, Metallic Sparkle - $15.00 per package.

  • Bamboo Yarn

    Please note that UKI is no longer making this yarn. We have a good amount left and note on our color card the colors as they sell out.

    UKI has produced a lustrous Bamboo yarn on Mini Cones. The yarn comes in an array of rich colors and is a pleasure to braid.

    Each cone holds 440 yards/402m and weighs 6.7oz/189g. The size of the yarn is about the same as 3/2 cotton (5.24/4). Price, $17.75 per cone.

    Please use this Shade Card to select your colors. There is no shade card available.

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