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Order Form - Fine Silk Kumihimo Threads from Japan
BraidersHand Fine Silk Thread Order Form 
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Silk Quantity Item Total $ Color Name
$10.50 ea      
S1     pale pink
S2     ivory
S3     pale lemon
S4     cream
S5     yellow
S6     aqua
S7     pale green
S8     yellow
S9     lavender
S10     dark plum
S11     spring green
S12     moss
S13     red orange
S14     cardinal
S15     gold brocade
S16     crayon orange
S17     burnt orange
S18     paprika
S19     light blue
S20     dark teal
S21     bright green
S22      white
S23     black
S26     chartreuse
S27     olive
S28     med. gray
S29     steel gray
S30     Kelly green
S31     forest green
S32     sun yellow
S33     rust
S34     royal blue
S35     navy blue
S36     rose
S37     medium plum
S38     iris purple
S39      medium brown
S40     chocolate
S41     medium pink
S42     creamy pink
S43     magenta
S44     confetti
WA residents add 8.4% sales tax  
Shipping/Handling add 10% of the Sub-total  
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