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We are makers of quality Japanese style braiding equipment. Purveyors of books, kumihimo disks and plates, reeled silk, synthetic and metallic threads as well as books on other forms of braiding.

 Kumihimo Vocabulary

    • Kumihimo (coo-me-he-mo) = Kumi to braid + himo string or cord - plaited braids or cords
    • Karakumidai (car-uh-coo-me-dye) = Kara Chinese + kumi to braid + daistand - Chinese braiding stand
    • Takadai (tah-cuh-dye) = Taka high + dai stand - High braiding stand
    • Marudai (mah-roo-dye) = Maru round + dai stand - Round braiding stand
    • Ayatakedai (aye-yuh-tah-kay-dye) = Ayatake wooden + dai stand - Wooden braiding stand
    • Tama (Tah-mah) - Lead-weighted wooden spools aka bobbins

New Books

New book for the marudai:  A Lovely Kumihimo Book, by Makiko Tada.
New book for the core stand:  Andean Sling Braids: New Designs for Textile Artists by Rodrick Owen and Terry Newhouse Flynn

Contact Us

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Equipment Waiting List

There is a waiting list for our equipment. There is no obligation to you once on the list. Currently, the wait is approximately 18 months for our large equipment: takadai, ayatakedai, kakudai, and karakumidai. The wait time is approximately two weeks for marudai, and four weeks for a core stand. Our equipment is built using hard maple in our workshop in Washington State, USA. Prices are subject to change. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thread Packaging

Click here to learn how Kumihimo threads are packaged and how to separate them out before beginning your braid. There is also information about the different kinds of threads we offer with links to their respective category pages so you can view the threads in our store directly from this page.

Ordering Information

If you prefer to call or send us an email regarding your order, please do! We'll try our best to respond in 24 hours. Our number is Toll Free, 866-821-4613; we are in the Pacific Time Zone; please call between 9:00AM to 6:00PM Monday through Saturday. Make sure you peruse this page on your way to the checkout "stand" for valuable bits of information on method of payment, shipping & handling, requests for custom equipment orders, and more!

Tips and Tricks

Dive into learning all about kumihimo by exploring topics such as working with Japanese, Kumihimo Threads, Planning a Braiding Warp, Adjusting Counter Weight, and more on our Tips page!