CD - TakaDraft 2.0


Create your own designs for pick-up on the takadai with this easy to use software. Error-free coding with the press of a button. Left click on a stitch to set it on a pattern color; right click on a stitch to clear it. Drag with either mouse button to fill contiguous stitches. Use the Code button or press Enter to display the coding. Use the keyboard up and down arrows to shift the braid within the graph or press the Up or Down button. To exit the program simply close the window or press ESC on the keyboard. More help and features are available in the TakaDraft Help accessible in the program's Start group menu or the Help button on the screen.

New in version 2.0:

- Export braid to image file

- Print entire braid to one sheet

- Additional grid views give you a better idea of how the braid will look physically

- Lengthen or shorten patterns


TakaDraft Commissioned by Rodrick Owen, written by Douglas Newhouse.

System requirements: Windows 10