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Ayatakedai Add-On for a Takadai

The stand-alone ayatakedai (eye-yuh-talk-eh-dye) makes warp-twined bands much like tabletwoven bands. Ayatakedai bands have a separate double weft that is perpendicular to the warp, it is woven rather than braided.

If you already own a BraidersHand takadai, you can add an ayatakedai unit to the front of your takadai, in which case it is called an ayatakadai (eye-yuh-talk-uh-dye).

The ayatakedai holds 10 hane (han-eh) which is Japanese for 'feathers', the pieces of wood protruding from the front. Two-tiered feathers are included with the add-on. To make wider and more complex bands three-tiered feathers can be ordered separately. 

Kumi Himo: The Essence of Japanese Braiding by Aiko Sakai and Makiko Tada has English instruction for the ayatakedai.