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Out-of-Print Books

These books can be found used and are well worth having in your library. If you find that the prices are very high online, keep checking as they tend to fluctuate a lot over time.


Braids: 250 Patterns from Japan, Peru, and Beyond
by Rodrick Owen

A comprehensive guide to all stages of braiding on the marudai. History and Equipment, and Materials and Method include step-by-step diagrams and instructions for a wide variety of patterns for the marudai. Four- to sixteen-strand braids for round, flat, spiral, and hollow braids as well as a triangular-, hexagonal-, pentagonal- and pentalpha-shaped braid. This book also includes instruction on making braids on the disk and plate, excellent for school work, in a math program, linked to geography and history.

Softcover, 2nd edition- 2004, full color, 159 pages, published in USA


Making Kumihimo: Japanese Interlaced Braids by Rodrick Owen