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Individual 40-gram Large Tama


IMPORTANT: We are calling these light weight tama 40 gram but the weight will probably be from 40 to 45 grams. This is because they are solid hard maple and the wood varies in weight. These few grams will not affect your braid. 

Our large tama are made from hard maple and are 25% larger in shape than our standard tama (see photo), but weigh the same.

Our tama (bobbins) are based on the shape of Japanese tama; they hold a lot of thread and don't easily catch on each other. They are made from hard maple and sealed at both ends. The hard maple has been polished to a fine finish and has been lightly coated with wax.

Braiders should choose the weight of their tama to reflect the type of braids they intend to make. The weight of the tama relates to the number of ends and type of yarn used as well as how the braid will be used. If you use thick yarns or yards and yards of yarns or ribbons you might want a larger tama. We offer our 70, 85 and 100 gram weights in the larger size.

We recommend eight to sixteen tama for your marudai as that is the required range for most published braiding instructions. Takadai braids can be made with as few as nine tama. If you want to make a braid from Rodrick Owen's Making Kumihimo, Japanese Interlaced Braids (which is out of print but can be found at online used bookstores), you will need 42 tama. Our standard takadai will accommodate 84 tama and our extended takadai will hold 162. As experienced braiders know, and new braiders soon find out, tama can be required in large quantities. We are pleased to offer these exquisite tama at a very reasonable price.

Made in USA by BraidersHand