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Kakudai - Japanese Style

Deposit Instructions:
Put a $50.00 deposit down for your order today. The remainder of $350.00 + shipping will be due when we are ready to ship the product to you! Large Equipment Refund Policy
Shipping Instructions:
Shipping inside the U.S. can range $25-$35 (higher in AK/HI); shipping outside the U.S. can range $80-$120 due to weight of equipment. Prices are subject to change over time.
For more information, please see our Ordering & Shipping page, or feel free to contact us with any questions or befuddlements!

     Beautiful braids with twisted elements are worked upwards on the kakudai (cah-coo-dye), suspended by an overhead pulley system. The braids are worked around a kaku-shin, or shaped core.
     We are offering our kakudai with short and long legs. The short legs allow you to kneel in the traditional Japanese way and the long legs allow you to sit in a chair. We use hard maple with a hand rubbed shellac finish. Our kakudai is very easy to assemble. The two heights are 16"/40cm and 26”/60cm.
     Traditionally 100g and 240g tama are used to make kakudai braids. The kakudai comes with three kaku-shin (needle, flat, and square) two mirrors (large and small) and two weight bags (all included in photo to left). We suggest that you buy fishing weights locally to use as a counter weight.
     Kumi Himo: The Essence of Japanese Braiding by Aiko Sakai and Makiko Tada has English instruction for the kakudai.

Made in USA by BraidersHand