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Nordic and World Braids and Bands: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Braiding, Braids 2022, Svendborg Denmark


Edited by Katia Johansen  

The keynote speakers and tutors have contributed articles that demonstrate their expertise in their subjects. With 45 contributing authors this book is must for anyone interested in narrow textiles.

In English, soft-cover, full color, 234 pages, published in Denmark .

Contents include: 


  • Bente Skogass – A glimpse into tablet weaving from early Viking times
  • Ulla Mannering & Charlotte Rimstad – The Danish Prehistoric Cord and Band Tradition
  • Randi Stoltz – Band weaving in Norway over 2000 years
  • Ragnheidur Thorsdottir – Table weaving in Iceland
  • Sonja Berlin – Why choose Tablet weaving?
  • Anna Sjursen – Sami weaving, traditions and techniques
  • Noomi I Dali – Faroese cords bands, braids and garters
  • Katia Johansen – After the Vikings: The decline of hands in Denmark

Articles by the following authors:                                                                                                  

  • Kumihimo – Shirley Berlin (Canada), Makiko Tada & Masumi Tada (Japan), Diane Watanabe (Japan), Bob Galivan (USA), Yuko Yoshida (Japan)
  • Kuteuchi, Loop Braiding – Masumi Tada (Japan), Jacqui Carey (UK), Jean Leader (UK), Joy Boutrup (Denmark)
  • Cords, Whipcording, Lucet – Annette Herbst, Ziggy Rytka (UK), Georgia Olsen (USA)
  • Ply Split Braiding – Julie Hedges (UK), Katoko Kitade (Japan), Erroll Pires (India)
  • Rigid Heddle, Inkle – Shahla Amini (Iran), Susan Foulkes (UK), Ane Rasmussen (Denmark), Dee Sayce (UK), Tamaki Takagi (Japan), Laura Thode (USA), Marieke Kranenberg (Netherlands)
  • Sprang – Carol James (Canada), Bodil Dago (Norway)
  • Tablet weaving – Inge Dam (Canada), Bente Skogass (Norway), Rasmus Jorgensen (Denmark), Cathy Smith (UK), Randi Stoltz (Norway), Louise Strom (Sweden), Keiko Kusakabe (Japan), John Mullarkey (USA)
  • Other techniques – Anna Sparr (Denmark), Ilta Hamari (Finland), Gil Dye (UK), Lena Bjerresgard (Denmark) 


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