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Takadai Rep Braids by Richard Sutherland


by Richard Sutherland

Learn how to produce colorful belt-width braids by adapting a standard-size takadai for use with 80 weighted threads. Richard combines the freedom of fingerbraiding with the orderliness of a takadai. Six original patterns suitable for cotton, wool, or silk belts are provided, with methods for buckle or sash starts. Included is a detailed section on creating one's own unique designs.

Soft cover, the monograph contains 30 pages, 31 color illustrations, and reproducible graphs, published by BraidersHand

Errata for page 23, on both the color graph and the plain graph, a hatch mark needs to be added to Right Side Moves 9 and 10. On Move 9 the right side square touching the center line, and Move 10 the square next to it (one up from the center line).