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The Transformations of Sakura by Claudia Wollny


The Transformations of Sakura: How to Create the Famous Cherry Blossom Pattern - 48 Hira Genji Variations for Braiding on the Marudai by Claudia Wollny

The Art of Transformation

A seemingly plain, flat braid reveals its secrets. The Hira Genji braid has a simple structure, but ­applying just a few easy tricks will let it ­blossom into true beauty. Your pattern ­options are not just “stripes,“ “checkerboard“ and “rainbow“, but also “buds,“ “rice,“ “plum,“ “peach blossom,“ and, of course, the breath­takingly beautiful “cherry blossom,“ the ­namesake of this book. Further variations in the braiding pattern open up ­innumerable possibilities: Different colors on the front and back, the eye/buttonhole pattern, floats, pattern combinations and intertwining to name but a few. With this knowledge you will be able to design and braid your own patterns.

This book shows how to braid 48 variations of Hira Genji on the marudai. The braids are analyzed and the “track plans” deciphered, revealing how the threads move within the braids and how the braids are ­constructed.

A detailed basic course with step-by-step photos explains how to prepare a marudai, e. g. with pre-cut silk or how to warp strands using yarn, as well as the most important braiding moves. The basic instructions also include how to finish a braid beautifully and tips for the safe transport of a braid on the marudai.

Import, in German and English, full color, hardcover, 180 pages