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European Loop Braiding: Part I: Loop Exchanges


European Loop Braiding: Investigations and Results by Noémi Speiser, Joy Boutrup and others; Part I Orthodox and unorthodox exchanging of loops in co-operation.

This monograph deals exclusively with the technique of exchanging loops between two braiders.

Contents are as follows:
Section 1: The techniques of exchanging by Noémi Speiser, Technical glossary and conventions, Sources and the Main text.

Section 2: Unorthodox exchanging in loop braiding by Joy Boutrup, Introduction and definition, Interpretation of the instructions, Recipes with unorthodox exchanges, Braids with unorthodox passages and unorthodox exchange, Braids with orthodox passages in connections with unorthodox exchange, Conclusion, Bibliography, Appendix.

Published in England

NOTE: European Loop Braiding: Investigations and Results Part 1 is out of print and there are no plans to have it reprinted.