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Octo Plate


Makiko Tada has designed a new braiding tool, called the Octo Plate. The material is the same as for her original Disk and Plate. The thick dense foam Octo Plate holds the threads securely. It has 44 slots for thread, 22 along the top and bottom and four slots on each side The hole allows wider braids for making flowers, 3D forms, and whatever creative ideas you can come up with. Makiko’s book, Comprehensive Treatise of Braids VI – Kumihimo: Disk and Plate has structures that were designed for the original Plate and which will work well on the Octo Plate.

Made in Japan it is 5 3/16” x 7 ½” (133mm x 190mm).

Instructions on how to make the curling braid from Comprehensive Treatise of Braids VI - Kumihimo Disk and Plate will be emailed to you after purchase.