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Kongo Gumi - A Cacophony of Spots-Coils-Zags-Lines


Kongō Gumi - A Cacophony of Spots-Coils-Zags-Lines documents the layouts and designs of the 1,157 unique 2-color patterns for the 16-element Japanese braid known as Kongo. The Chinese character Kon refers to gold, money and metal; Gō means strong; and Gumi is cord. Kongō Gumi is the braid that most kumihimo enthusiasts learn as their first braid on the foam disk.

This book details and illustrates the process for determining that this is the definitive number of patterns available in the braid structure, and provides instructions for creating each one. 

The evolution of the kumihimo braid shows pattern spots ranging from 1 through 8 spots, after which the designs are duplications of previous patterns. An historical perspective of the braid is included along with a comprehensive bibliography for kumihimo instruction, as well as a listing of selected titles for kimono, samurai armor, Japanese history, and the general subject of fiber arts.


Published in the USA, 132 pages